Thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry from dental school

My boyfriend’s cousin is in his last year at UCSF School of Dentistry. He said that I can get the two crowns I need at a savings of about 25% of what I would pay at a private practice. This is something I had not thought of before. After reading your blog, I was really thinking about finding a cosmetic dentist to do the work because it involves front teeth, but if I can get it done cheaper and it will look good, does it matter? I’m going to check out the dental school next month. Are there any questions I should ask or is there anything I should look for to know that I’ll get good work done there?  Amber M. – Newark, CA

Amber – It sounds as if you want the crowns to look good, and you should. You are concerned enough to consider finding a cosmetic dentist to place them.

A cosmetic dentist is an artist. He or she doesn’t just repair teeth, but makes them beautiful. Cosmetic dentists are often more particular than their patients about the final results of their work.

Your front teeth are involved. If you truly want a beautiful smile, only an experienced cosmetic dentist can give it to you.

A dentistry student lacks the experience and the training on the techniques required to give your crowns the proper translucency and color, so that they look like your natural teeth. is an excellent resource for finding a cosmetic dentist. The cosmetic dentists listed on the site have had their credentials verified and they are required to submit photographs of their work.

If you choose an artistic dentist, you’ll love your new smile.

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